How to Discuss Your Dream Job in an Interview

When you’re preparing for an upcoming interview, it’s important to be prepared for all types of questions that the employer will ask. Preparing yourself for how you will respond can help you to feel more confident and can even be enough to land you the job. When you’re asked what your dream job is, there are a few key ways to answer this in the correct manner without it backfiring.

Don’t Focus on the Future

One of the secrets to answering this question correctly is to avoid focusing on the future, or your answer will be irrelevant. Instead, focus on the present and talk about a high-level position that is realistic without overshadowing the job you’re trying to get with the employer. The reason the interviewer is asking this question is because they want to get an idea of how much you want to move up in the company and if you have the right interests and goals.

Leave Out the Right Information

There are a few key facts to remember to leave out with your response to avoid putting yourself in the wrong light as you’re closely examined. Remember to avoid mentioning anything that is irrelevant to the position, whether you enjoy writing poetry or painting in your free time. You also want to leave out specific job titles that you’re eyeing, like CFO or CEO.

Although it’s important to be honest and transparent, you want to avoid discussing any interests or ambitions that have no relation to the current position. This will make the employer assume that you’ll get bored with the job and will move on to something else that fits your interests, which can cause you to lose out on the position to an applicant that is more qualified.

In the same regard, you can come off too extreme if you say that your dream job is the one that you’re interviewing for with the company. Avoid coming off too strong or giving an answer that is obviously untrue.

Discuss the Characteristics of Your Dream Job

Instead of saying you want to be an artist or a business owner, talk about the characteristics or aspects of your dream job when providing your answer. Talk about how you want to work in a team of people and support one another. You can discuss your desire to work in a setting where clear communication is present. You may also want to work in an environment where team projects are the norm. These are realistic answers that can fit within the job description of the position you’re interviewing for with the employer.

Understanding the dos and don’ts of answering what your dream job is will make it easier to have a plan of action and avoid being caught off guard. You can formulate an honest answer in advance and impress the interviewer, getting you hired for the job.